Do you know what cannabis topicals are? How do they even work?

When you think of cannabis, your first thought is most likely the marijuana plant and how people commonly smoke weed to get high.

However, smoking cannabis is not the only way to use weed. Nowadays, there are so many methods such as vaping oil cartridges in the form of vape juice, eating edibles that can come in many flavours, or even using it in a bong or rolling into a joint. 

One of these methods includes applying cannabis topicals directly to your skin. 

Cannabis topical products include creams, CBD oils, ointments, and even salves. These have all been infused together with cannabis concentrate, giving you its benefits when applied to the skin.

If you are looking to introduce cannabis to a friend or family member, we recommend doing it with CBD topicals. It works wonders for those with joint pain or skin issues such as eczema.

The reason is simple. This is one of the safer ways to use cannabis, where anyone of legal age can easily do it themselves without any supervision or worry of overdose.

Many places such as our CBD Oil Canada store sell this great product. Check out our selection of CBD topicals to see which ones fit your needs best!

Other retailers, such as Flourish + Live Well, offer a wide selection of CBD topicals, both online and in-store, and a team of educated staff members to help you find products that best suit your needs and lifestyle. 

How Do Cannabis Topicals Work?

While applying cannabis topicals is a relatively easy thing to do, you may wonder how it actually works?

When smoking cannabis, it is pretty clear what you are doing. You are simply using the weed concentrate to smoke like a regular cigarette. 

Eating edibles? You just eat it like any other normal food.

With cannabis topicals, you are not smoking or inhaling anything. So how does it work and will it even get you high? What is it even used for?

Don’t worry, your questions will be answered in just a few minutes.

People use cannabis for a variety of reasons and benefits. Some use it recreationally with friends. Others take it for medicinal reasons such as pain relief or reducing stress.

No matter what the reason may be, having options with cannabis makes it such a popular solution for people all over the world.

Since topicals are newer cannabis methods compared to the common weed smoking, this is why there is not a lot of information on this online.

If there is one thing you absolutely need to know about how cannabis topicals work, this is that you are not actually eating anything.

The effects you will experience are also not as intense as smoking cannabis or even eating a controlled dosage of edibles.

When cannabis topical touches your skin, it slowly absorbs into that focus area into your endocannabinoid system. This is how it helps your body to relieve pain.

Depending on the topicals you use, some CBD patches have a high intensity, giving you intoxicating effects. 

How Does Cannabis Topicals Get Absorbed In You?

cannabis topicals

As mentioned briefly above, it will get absorbed once it is applied to a chosen area on your body. If you are applying it on your knee, this is the area it will start its absorption to your endocannabinoid system. 

The endocannabinoid system, short for ECS, is a biological system in your body that will link with the cannabis compounds to give you the effects you seek.

Since cannabis topicals cannot enter the bloodstream, their effects will not actually spread throughout your body.

This is different from smoking cannabis, where you will feel the effects all over from head to toe.

With topicals, the effects will only be felt in the area you applied it on. For example, applying it on your elbow means that you will not feel any effects on your ankles.

How Soon Will You Feel Effects of Cannabis Topicals?

Similar to eating edibles, its onset time depends on a variety of factors. It really depends on how potent the product is, how much you have applied, and your body’s tolerance towards cannabis.

This is important to mention as no two people are the same. You cannot compare yourself to someone who experienced a fast onset time as everyone is different.

Can You Get High On Cannabis Topicals?

The simple answer is no. It does not get you high.

This is because the product will not enter the bloodstream at all. In other words, cannabis topicals are not exposed to your body’s receptors. Thus, no intoxicating effects will occur.

Not only that, if you are using CBD topicals, it does not have the psychoactive THC compounds that give you the high effects.

What Do Cannabis Topicals Treat?

Cannabis topicals are commonly used to treat joint pains in a focused area. If you have knee problems, applying it directly to your pain point will help relieve pain immensely.

Other conditions it can treat include the following:


  • Soreness of the muscle
  • Tension and inflammation
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Headaches
  • Cramps

At our CBD store, we currently have several options for you to choose from such as CBD creams, CBD patches, and CBD bath bombs.  

Nowadays, there are a variety of topical products that are made to suit your specific needs. By choosing the right products, you can achieve targeted benefits to your condition with great results.

While the risk of “overdosing” is virtually zero, still starts off low and slow. This applies more to those who are doing it the first time. 

You never know how a cannabis product may affect you or your skin. There have even been cases of people being allergic to cannabis!

Where To Buy Cannabis Topicals in Canada?

As of October 2018, Canada has made it legal to buy cannabis products such as topicals. If you are of legal age living in Canada that can provide proof of identification, you are free to buy it!

There are many places you can buy topicals such as at our CBD dispensary. We are always looking to add better products to our selection.

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