You found this article by searching “Do You Need A Prescription For CBD Oil In Canada?” We all know the benefits that CBD oil can give us, but is it safe for us to consume?

Can your doctor prescribe you CBD oil? Can you buy CBD oil at a dispensary without a card? Do doctors prescribe CBD for anxiety?

In this article, we will go over all the common questions you might have including what is CBD oil, who it benefits, and if you need a prescription to use CBD in Canada.

CBD Oil Overview

CBD Oil is a form of CBD that is found in marijuana plants. Along with THC, it is one of the most common cannabinoids.

With CBD, it will not make you experience the feeling of “high.” So, it is great for those strictly looking for medicinal use.

What is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD oil is good for a variety of uses. For the most part, it is used for health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

According to research, CBD has shown to help cancer treatments, where it can give a different solution to relieving pain for those who don’t want to eat other medications.

Is CBD Oil A Drug?

Is CBD Oil A Drug?

CBD is just one of the 113 compounds found in the marijuana plant. Since it is one of the largest compounds taking up 40% of the cannabis extract, it is most often talked about.

Since the United Nations have placed CBD under the drug control convention, it is considered a drug

In Canada, CBD is considered a controlled substance and should be bought and sold according to this law.

Do You Need A Prescription For CBD Oil In Canada 2021

cbd oil prescription

Now that we are in the year 2021, you might be wondering if you need a prescription for CBD oil in Canada. 

Since 2018, you purchase CBD oil through a licensed producer, where you can buy it for medicinal or recreational use.

With so many CBD dispensaries to choose from in Canada, you will have to be mindful and only buy from trusted places.

If you do not know where your products are coming from, there is a risk that the quality and packaging of your goods might not be up to health standards.

So going back to the question of:

Can your doctor prescribe you CBD oil?” They do not need to do so now since you can buy them online by yourself.

Can you buy CBD oil at a dispensary without a card?” Yes, you can buy CBD Oil without a card. All you need is to be the legal age in the Canadian province and show valid proof of ID.

Do doctors prescribe CBD for anxiety?” Doctors usually will not prescribe products made from the marijuana plant. However, they can advise you that it is a possible treatment option for you. It is your job to do your own research and see if CBD is right for you.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD is a drug that will not give you any serious side effects. It is relatively safe to use. There is even a market for CBD for pets!

However, there are negative effects you might not want to experience such as having no appetite, dry mouth, and even diarrhea. 

Also, if you are using other types of medications, be sure to check that it will not affect CBD use.

Note: Only buy from trusted CBD dispensaries. In this way, you will know the CBD dosage and purity is accurate.

Will CBD Show On Drug Tests?

Will CBD Show On Drug Tests

No, CBD will not be able to come up as positive on a drug test.

Most of the time, drug tests will not even be looking to see if you have CBD in your system (so there is no way that it will show up in the drug test itself).

However, if you use CBD products with some traces of THC such as these 99 oz product options, it can show up on drug tests if you consume enough THC to be detected.

Does CBD Oil Help Sexually?

Research has shown that CBD and THC can help increase AND decrease sexual desire.

No matter what evidence shows, the best way to tell if CBD oil can help you sexually is to try it yourself.

This is the only true way to figure out if CBD can actually improve your libido. 

Can CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight?

Again, this question can go both ways. CBD oil can either make you gain or lose weight

Studies that have been done on this topic have shown evidence of CBD increasing and decreasing appetite, where a change of appetite is a common side effect of CBD use.

Our body metabolism and tolerance to CBD also plays a role in this. Just think of how some people enjoy eating sweet food while others don’t (not everyone is the same).

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