You probably found this article from looking up “Cannabis for Anxiety Canada.” The legalizing of the marijuana plant in Canada has made it a popular option to treat this condition. 

Every one of us has experienced anxiety in our lifetime. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians go through anxiety in some shape or form every year.

With the current pandemic that is still with us in 2021, this is a topic that will not be going away anytime soon.

As for myself, I tend to feel some anxiety before a job interview or taking a big exam that I don’t want to fail in. Fortunately, I have gotten better at this as I grow older. 

There are more serious anxiety conditions that could be labelled as a disorder.

In this article, we will go over what exactly is anxiety, how CBD, in particular, can help you ease anxiety and some of the best strains you can use for this condition.

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is when you feel a sense of worry due to certain situations that you rather not be in. This symptom can range from mild to serious and can even lead to an increase in blood pressure.

It is usually caused by a series of small stressful situations in your life that build up over time. 

For example, a demanding boss at work or having not enough money to pay for your bills can all contribute to anxiety.

what is anxiety: cannabis for anxiety

There are instances where certain people are more likely to get anxiety and mental health disorders.

Examples of anxiety disorders include:

  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Social Anxiety
  • PTSD

How Long Can Anxiety Last?

This will depend on the individual that is having an anxiety attack. Usually, it lasts up to 30 minutes and rarely goes beyond that.

However, even though it is not life-threatening, it can give you a feeling that makes you feel like you want to die.

How Do You Calm Down Anxiety?

The following are just some of the ways to reduce anxiety.

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet
  2. Take time to relax
  3. Get enough rest
  4. Be positive
  5. Take deep breaths

For Canadians, you can even search up Cannabis For Anxiety Canada for many CBD product options.

Does Anxiety Go Away If You Ignore It?

Unfortunately, ignoring your anxiety will not make it go away. 

It might disappear from your mind for a short period of time, however, these relentless thoughts will always be there to remind you of what makes you feel nervous.

Does Cannabis For Anxiety Canada Help Anxiety?

Cannabis can actually help reduce the anxiety in you. With CBD oil, patients have been using medicinal drugs to treat all sorts of conditions such as insomnia and chronic pain.

How is THC Different Than CBD

The main difference you need to know is that CBD won’t get you high. In other words, THC has psychoactive effects that make you euphoric while CBD does not.

Other than that, they are the same and give you the same benefits.

Does CBD Oil Calm You Down?

cbd oil calms the person

Cannabidiol, short for CBD, is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. Along with THC, these two are the main chemical compounds found in cannabis.

Researchers have found that using CBD oil will reduce symptoms of anxiety. It also helps with many conditions like insomnia and chronic pain.

Cannabis For Anxiety: Canada Law

Is CBD legal in Canada? Yes, it has been legal since 2018. Now, you can buy cannabis oil from dispensaries that are Health Canada approved without any problems.

So if you’ve been searching “Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal In Canada” or “Is Cannabidiol Legal In Canada?” Yes, yes it is!

CBD Usage in Canada

When Canada legalized cannabis back in October 2018, it has allowed Canadians to use marijuana both recreationally and medically. 

Statistics show that CBD oil usage has seen an increase of 5%, and we predict it will continue to rise for years to come.

It is also interesting to note that more females use CBD products compared to males.

The reasons people choose to use CBD varies. However, the top 3 motives to use cannabis oil is inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Here’s an infographic by New Frontier Data that shows the reasons why people use CBD.

cannabis for anxiety canada uses

Best Strain For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

With so much cannabis for anxiety to choose from, how do you know what is the best weed for this symptom? 

It is important to know what is the best marijuana for anxiety, where choosing the wrong ones could lead to worsening the condition.

Some people just have a higher tolerance to cannabis than others. This means that they can use high CBD strains for anxiety without worry, as their body is able to handle it.

For those with a lower tolerance, start off using CBD-only weed strains rather than THC ones.

Types of CBD to Use

While you can use cannabis strains to reduce anxiety, there are also methods that you can do to achieve similar effects.


cannabis for anxiety

For example, you can use CBD oil in a variety of forms such as through CBD pills, CBD Vape cartridges, and CBD tinctures. 

If you prefer using it in the form of an edible, try our CBD gummies such as our delicious Peach Jelly Bombs

Or if you rather apply CBD directly onto your skin, you can also do that with our CBD Topicals. However, this is better suited for relieving pain rather than anxiety.

You can even use CBD for your pets for those looking to help their dogs or cats with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Cannabis for Anxiety Canada – Conclusion

All things said and done, just remember that use cannabis at your own risk. While cannabis does help with anxiety, it is not a proven method. 

Before using CBD or cannabis, you can always consult your medical doctor to make sure it is right for you.

If you would like to try it out, we offer a selection of CBD Oil products that you can browse and select from.

All our products are from the best CBD brands in Canada. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee or money back because we believe in our products.


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