Welcome to our CBD for Beginner’s guide and checklist. Have you recently discovered CBD and want to learn all about it? Not sure where to start? This CBD Facts Overview is the perfect resource for you to get familiar with everything about CBD.

Since Canada legalized cannabis in the year 2018, CBD awareness has been gaining traction around the country.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a type of substance found in marijuana plants.

With more medical evidence proving its health benefits, it is becoming a popular way to relieve various medical symptoms and conditions.

CBD: What Is It?

So What exactly is CBD? It is one of the two main compounds found in marijuana plants.

The main difference between CBD and THC, the other main marijuana plant compound, is that CBD does not produce the “high” feeling that THC gives.

This means that with CBD, you will not experience any sort of psychoactive experience at all. For this reason, it makes it a great alternative to using weed without getting a euphoric high off the plant.

Over time, CBD has mostly been used for its ability to reduce anxiety. The fact that it has no THC psychoactive effects also means that you will not be at risk to become addicted to the substance.

According to Health Canada, CBD is a controlled substance under the United Nations drug control conventions. 

Similar to other countries with controlled use of CBD, it is also the same in Canada. In other words, all CBD rules under the Cannabis Act will apply and remain in effect.

Benefits of CBD

The benefits of CBD are more than you think. Even a slight dose of CBD can leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle any task you need to do.

When taken at a higher dosage, CBD will help reduce anxiety, which in turn helps get all the rest you need on a good night’s sleep.

When Canada legalized cannabis back in 2018, CBD was also part of that legal status. This means that any Canadian can use CBD to treat medical problems without any questions.

Before this, CBD was still made available to Canadians since the year 2001.

However, they were required to get approval from Health Canada and a valid prescription in order to buy CBD oil products online or in retail stores.

Research is being done on how CBD can potentially treat the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Parkinson’s disease

CBD for Mental Health

Not only this, CBD can help reduce mental health issues and any symptoms that relate to anxiety, depression, insomnia, social anxiety, and PTSD.

There’s also a theory that CBD changes how your brain will respond to serotonin, where will bring down the stress in you.

Since CBD can actually interrupt the pain signal receptors in your body, it is also commonly used for chronic pain.

For cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, CBD can even aid in nausea and vomit. It can also help make you hungry so you don’t lose weight from eating too less.

One last benefit of CBD lies in its anti-inflammatory properties, where those who have arthritis can manage their pain tolerance to a manageable level.

Other Ways To Use CBD

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes.

Are you looking to eat CBD as edibles? Swallow them as CBD capsules/pills? Smoke CBD only cannabis? Apply topicals on your skin? Feed CBD products to your pets?

Nowadays, you can do all these with the many forms of CBD products available in the market.

The different methods to use CBD entirely depends on the kind of products you choose. If you take a CBD pill for example, it would typically take 39 minutes before it comes into effect. 

If you eat CBD as an edible, it can take longer for effects to come since it needs to be digested in your stomach before the CBD effects are released in your body.

The higher the dosage amount, the less you need to eat for the benefits to kick in.

Vaping CBD-only vape cartridges will also have a different taste and fill you with a different kind of experience.

Which CBD Method To Choose?

No matter which method you choose, one thing remains clear. And that is the benefits of CBD will remain the same.

When deciding on which CBD products to choose from, getting familiar with the ingredients and dosage will help you find the best products for your symptoms. 

An example could be for those looking to treat anxiety. This condition would need a CBD product such as vaping, where the effects will come onto you immediately.

In this case, taking an edible will not be wise as it will take too long for you to achieve the intended effect of relieving pain and anxiety.

For those not looking to inhale or inhale CBD, using CBD topicals is a great alternative. This form of CBD will allow you to place it directly onto the pain point on your body, maximizing its effects.

Other methods to use CBD that everyone can do is by infusing it in a beverage such as tea or coffee, where it will be enhanced by whichever liquid flavour you choose.

There are also CBD gummies that are fun for people to try, where it will last longer when stored in a cool and dry place.


The discovery of CBD is truly a gift given from the marijuana plant to humans. It has allowed us to try so many different methods to reduce all kinds of symptoms one may have.

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