How to use cannabis oil is a search phrase that more people are getting interested in. 

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada back in 2018, the cannabis craze has not slowed down either.

The thing is, there are many ways you can use cannabis oil. Each has its own respective benefits and reasons as to why you should go with that option.

This may leave you wondering about various questions. What are the methods to take cannabis oil? How much of it should take in one sitting? Does CBD taste differently than THC?

In this article, we will cover the main ways on how to use cannabis oil, where you learn all the methods and decide for yourself on which methods will be the right one for you. 

Your questions will also be answered by the end of the article, so keep reading!

What is Cannabis Oil?

Before we dive into the many methods on how to use cannabis oil, we will go over what exactly cannabis oils are in the first place.

Cannabis oil is a form of concentrate that is a result of extracting weed extracts like THC and CBD from the marijuana plant, turning them into oil in the process.

The cannabis oil products you see at dispensaries are most likely extracted using a chemical process, where additional compounds such as terpenes are added to hemp or MCT oil.

With so many methods to extract cannabis oil from the marijuana plant, you are bound to find processes that are better than the rest.

For example, extracting the oil with solvents like ethanol and butane is one way. 

However, a more effective method is through a CO2 extraction, mainly because it is not toxic whatsoever and has the cleanest taste out of them all.

Unlike the other methods, the main benefit of CO2 extractions is being able to make a highly potent cannabis oil that does not leave behind any toxic residues.

We now know how to use cannabis oil effectively. Read this article on how to make cannabis oil for some inspiration. 

How To Consume Cannabis Oil

So how do you take cannabis oil effectively?

The first thing to remember is that you cannot smoke cannabis oil.

This has not deterred both new and experienced cannabis users, where there seems to be a trend to use CBD infused products rather than THC ones.

With several ways that you can take cannabis oil effectively, we have compiled each method in a friendly infographic for you to digest below.

How To Use Cannabis Oil

Alternatively, here is a written text version on “How To Use Cannabis Oil” for those who prefer this form of learning.

Sublingual form

For the most part, cannabis oil is taken in sublingual form. With this method, the oil is placed under the tongue to let it slowly dissolve, where it will then be absorbed into your bloodstream.

By not going through the stomach or liver, the entirety of cannabis oil will hit you stronger than eating an edible would.

However, it is still not as high compared to smoking or vaping cannabis.

By doing the sublingual method, you will start to experience its effects after about 15 to 30 minutes. It will then stay in your system for up to six hours after that.

Edible form

Similar to how many people infuse marijuana into edibles, you can also take cannabis oil as a weed edible by mixing it with your chosen food or drink. You can also swallow it as a CBD capsule.

By taking this method, the cannabis oil will pass through your stomach and liver, where it will experience a process called a “first-pass metabolism.”

This is why THC edibles are known to give a highly potent effect compared to other consumption methods.

You would also be surprised to learn that a lot of the marijuana is simply broken down by stomach acids, where it ends up not being used by the body.

It takes some time for edibles to be broken down in your stomach. Hence the longer onset time of anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes, where it usually lasts up to eight hours.

The length of time for the effects to kick in is based on how your body reacts to cannabis oil. Some people just have a higher tolerance or metabolism rate to the cannabis plant than others.

Another thing to note is due to the “first-pass effect” from your liver metabolizing the cannabis oil, you will actually end up digesting a lower level than you originally did. 

Vape form

vaping cbd oil

Did you know there are also oil cartridges made specifically for vaping? With this option, you can choose from a variety of vape juice and even buy them in controlled dosage for the ideal high.

Lotion form

CBD topicals are another cannabis oil product that is getting more popular. You can either buy it from a trusted store like us or mix it with your favorite lotion. 

When using it to rub on a joint or area on the body that needs pain relief, it will work great to reduce that pain. 

How Much Cannabis Oil Should You Take At Once?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all comes down to trial and error as everyone is different.

A good analogy for this would be looking at how many Junior Chickens at Mcdonalds should you eat.

While some people will be full after eating just two junior chickens, you might be able to eat up to five.

However, eating too many junior chickens could cause you to get a stomach ache or just feel gross afterwards.

Similarly, taking cannabis oil has the exact same reasoning, where everyone’s tolerance varies.

The dosage of cannabis oil you take will be different from someone else. We do not recommend for you to simply copy how much your friend might be taking.

You might also be taking it for a completely different reason than someone else. 

cannabis oil

That is why you will often hear people telling you to “start low and go slow.” With this method, you begin by taking a low dosage of cannabis oil until the desired effect is achieved.

Remember to wait an hour before adding more dosage as the effects may take a while to kick in.

Once you feel the intended effects, you can increase this dosage slightly to see how you react to more cannabis oil.

By following this guideline, you will ensure that no cannabis oil overdose will occur.

Trust me, once you find that sweet dosage spot, you will always want to keep it at that level to enjoy a pleasant experience every single time.

Where To Buy Cannabis Oil in Canada

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