CBD Tinctures & Drops

Buy CBD tinctures online in Canada. Our CBD tinctures and oils come from high-quality Canadian suppliers who work hard to ensure that their products are pure, safe, and consistent. All of our CBD drops, oil, and tinctures are solvent-free. Choose from strengths as low as 250mg and as high as 1000mg of CBD oil and tinctures. We also carry a range of tinctures and oil drops that have both CBD and THC so you can improve your health and relax. One-to-one (1:1) means the product has equal parts THC and CBD, which will give you a very relaxed ‘stoned’ feeling.

About CBD Tinctures & Drops

Generally, tinctures are made using alcohol to extract the medicine; whereas oils use either CBD isolate (as in pure CBD oils), or resin extracts in oil from the whole cannabis plant (as in full spectrum oils). “Full Spectrum” means the CBD drops were made from the whole cannabis plant, and contains trace amounts of THC and terpenes which help the body absorb the CBD oil. Regular CBD tinctures in Canada are made from the hemp plant, which contains no THC or other psychoactives. CBD has been found to address a variety of issues including anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.