What are essential oils? What are gouts? How are they used to treat gout? 

Gout is a medical condition that affects approximately 5.2% of Canadian men and 2.4% of Canadian women. It also tends to affect those who are 65 years or older.

CBD oils have long been viewed as one of the ways to reduce pain and migraines. The fact of the matter is that essential oils have countless benefits for gout. 

This article will explore the concept of how you can use these CBD oils to treat gout, where they are a natural remedy for pain relief. 

What is Gout

Gout is a common problem that affects the majority of people. It is a type of arthritis and anyone can get it.

It is obvious to see if you have this symptom if you experience the following:

  • Sudden pains 
  • Swelling or redness in joints

In order to understand why it is needed to treat gout, here are some of the most common questions people have about this medical condition.

What is the main cause of gout?

Gout, often known as hyperuricemia, occurs when there is an excess of uric acid in the body. 

The acid is what breaks down the food you eat, which is why anyone has a chance to get this condition.

Is gout a serious condition?

Gout may seem like it is just a series of painful flares. However, by not giving it medical attention, you will cause more damage over the long run.

In fact, it can even cause irresistible damage such as kidney damage and destruction of the joints. 

While the initial onset of gout is not the end of the world, long-term damage are problems you do not want to have.

Luckily, the advanced treatment options and proper management of the condition will prevent it from getting worse.

What does gout look like?

gout on leg

Gout on Leg, pictures courtesy of WedMD.

gout on hand

Gout on Hand

It varies depending on where in the body gout is found. For the most part, it will look like you have a small balloon underneath your body, making your skin swell and look reddish.

What factors increase the chance to get gout?

Medical research has shown that genetics will play a role in how likely we will get gout. Other factors such as age, weight, sex, and height are also beyond control.

The following are lifestyle factors that should be reduced as they lead to gout:

alcohol collection

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Medications like aspirins
  • High consumption of food with purines, such as bacon and beer
  • Drinking lots of alcohol
  • Gaining excess weight

Is Cbd An Essential Oil

The short answer is yes.

CBD oil is actually made out of the hemp plant, where its flavours are extracted to become an essential oil.

Therefore, it is commonly used as part of an essential oil treatment or an add on oil to your treatment routine.

How to Use Essential Oils for Gout

There are many kinds of essential oils that you can use for gout. 

The most popular ones are the following essential oils: 

1 – Birch bud

Breaks down the uric acid crystals

2 – Celery seeds

Helps with anti-inflammatory

3 – Lavender

Also helps with anti-inflammatory

4 – Lemongrass

Will reduce levels of uric acid in the body

5 – Rosemary

rosemary for gout

Reduce pain

6 – Wintergreen

It will also reduce pain symptoms.

All these can be used to complement each other. It is common practice to use these essential oils along with CBD oil as well to increase its benefits.

The one rule remains the same. You can only apply it on your skin, rather than ingest these when using it to treat gout.

CBD Oil for Gout

CBD oil is amazing to treat gout due to its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. 

With the increased use of CBD for a variety of conditions, gout has also become one that it treats. 

Not only that, but CBD has also shown a positive correlation to help you lose weight. Although there is limited scientific evidence to prove this fact, researchers are looking into this to provide us with further data in the future. 

With so many types of CBD products including CBD oil, CBD edibles, and CBD topical, there will always be something that is right for you.

For those who want to use it for your beloved animals, there are also CBD for pets options that are now available in the market!


Gout is a condition that affects many Canadians on a daily basis. The pain usually comes all of a sudden, leaving you wondering what you did to deserve it.

Is CBD oil a long term and permanent solution for gout? More research in this area would have to be done to answer this question. 

However, we now know that CBD oil can certainly help treat symptoms of gout. It is the effectiveness of this method that has to be further explored.


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