It is usual to everyone that cannabis can be taken in three ways; orally, inhaling and topically. All of them are different in nature and have certain effects and practices.

It might confuse a person in regards to how to consume their cannabis. Smoking is the most traditional way to absorb it, but there are many people who do not prefer smoking. 

Smoking Cannabis products can be an enjoyable way and it may relax you and help you calm your mind. 

You can enjoy it anywhere you want, given it is allowed in your state. If you need to know what it is exactly and how you can consume it in a better way, then you have come to the right place.

We will share three techniques you can use to consume cannabis efficiently. CBD tinctures, CBD oil, and cannabis distillates are the methods you can use to take your dose effectively. 

The Cannabis Tinctures

A tincture is a potion that is commonly taken sublingually. It is an extract dissolved in ethanol, glycerin, or MCT oil. They have been existing for centuries and were the only way to consume cannabis while other forms were prohibited. 

You can also put them in your diet or beverages. For instant consumption, we would recommend you to take it sublingually (putting it under the tongue) so that it directly enters your bloodstream in a jiffy. 

You are advised to consume it in a smaller dose at first to confirm its concentration and effect on your body. It is great in having an exact measurement and for those who like to consume microdose or intake medicines subtly. Furthermore, it has a low-calorie count with a swift impact. 

In contrast, it has an unpleasant taste and also has a weaker potency to heal the disease or condition. It is so because it has ethanol in it that vaporizes quickly. You have to be mindful regarding the CBD concentration slowly growing each drop.  

People who deal with tincture products should take care of the packaging as well, as it plays an important role in preserving its potency. 

You can easily get tincture boxes in wholesale numbers with your brand’s particular theme. We will suggest you get Kraft packaging because they are eco-friendly and will help you play an integral part in saving nature.

The Cannabis Oils

cannabis oil

Just like tinctures, cannabis oil is sourced from a plant. It is often obtained from resins in cannabis flowers. It can be thick like wax or brittle as to shatter. It is available under many different names, namely hash oil, wax or dab, etc. 

You can ingest it, vaporize or apply it topically to consume it. It is important to know that pure and premium-quality ones are the best-concentrated types of cannabis and are strong, like THC. 

As mentioned previously, it has great concentration as compared to a flower. It is an excellent alternative to smoking and vaporization uses less time in showing its effect. However, its extraction process is difficult and requires proper attention. 

Similarly, consuming it through ingestion can take half to one and a half-hour in showing its impact. 

The Cannabis Distillates

It is the latest method with unmatched concentration. It is pretty potent, and its extraction method processes the compounds found in the cannabis plant into the purest form. It increases the purity of oils above 99%. 

It is a greatly processed and powerful concentrated product. Its uses are infinite and very simple to calculate.

In contrast, it lacks terpenes which started a spark of controversy because they believe that it eliminates the entourage effect, flavour of a strain and other essentials for fluffing experience. 

A few of cannabis distillation pros are that it provides a higher potency, ensures a pure and natural concentrate, does not have any odour, colour or taste, and can be infused with many products. 

It is often known as The Pure.

How to Consume Tincture?

You know that you can consume your cannabis in various forms. We will shed more light on how to take tinctures safely and effectively.

Tinctures come in the form of liquid, stored in a dropper. With droppers, the method is always self-explanatory but there are various ways to take it. 

We already informed you that you could put it in your food, under your tongue or orally. 

If you want to consume it sublingually in the exact amount, squirt it under your tongue. You have to keep the tincture in your mouth for at least one to three minutes. We would advise you to swish it in your mouth before taking it in. 

Membranes under your tongue and cheeks absorb it and enter the bloodstream much faster. 

You can experience its effect in about half an hour and it can last for three hours.

You can swallow it to see more positive outcomes. It relatively takes more time and follows the same timeline as your food. You can see its effect within one to two hours, and it will last for five to six hours if swallowed. 

Furthermore, you can pour it into your diet or beverages to mask its smell and taste. It is suggested to put it in tea, coffee or other things you drink or eat in routine to make it a part of it.


In this article, we have seen what cannabis is and the tinctures, oils and distillates regarding it. We have read about the three most useful methods in which you can consume cannabis products, but the tincture is the most practical method and comes in different styles. 

Consume it to see great health advantages immediately. It depends on you what process is easy for you. 

It is time we start negating the criticism cannabis attracts for its psychotic effects and start using it for medical benefits.               

We would strongly advise our readers to consult a doctor or be informed about the cannabis before consuming them. 

We will also welcome those who have reaped medicinal benefits from cannabis to share their stories with us.

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