Knowing more about Marijuana Seeds is crucial to start growing cannabis. While there are many reputed retailers, there are also retailers with a lousy reputation for selling bad seeds. Purchasing such products will result in a meager crop or an awful harvest.

Becoming knowledgeable about U.S. law, mainly any state-specific legislation governing cannabis, is also essential. You may perhaps stay away from buying and planting errors with the aid of this tutorial.

What You Should Know About Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants are typically dioecious. It indicates that their female and male reproductive systems are located on different plants. It would help if you kept females separate from men for them to grow. If not, the male plant pollinates the female and prevents it from producing cannabis with a high level of strength.

Without male flowers, seedless female flowers are formed. These are referred to as sinsemilla, Spanish for “without seed.” Such a bloom is where the potent marijuana found in your neighborhood dispensary originates.

For a female plant to reproduce, pollination of the female plant’s bloom is required. The female flower then releases seeds as a result. Additionally, hermaphrodite plants exist. Both female and male reproductive organs are available in them. They can both make their pollen and self-pollinate their blooms.

Marijuana seeds are produced whether a male pollinates, a male plant self-pollinates, or a female plant. After fully grown, they are removed from the plant and can create new marijuana plants. They can also be harvested to make food or hemp oil.

Letting a plant grow for a time is the only surefire to distinguish between a male and a female plant. In the pre-flowering period, which lasts for about six weeks, you probably won’t be able to tell the gender of a plant. It is likely a female plant if a little bud between the new branch and the main stock can be seen. Buds eventually mature into adult blooms. Search for white pistil hairs that develop where the bud will ultimately form as another helpful hint.

Male cannabis plants may be identified by the pollen sacs they produce. These are bulbs that have a form similar to tulips. They don’t have any developing pistil hairs.

Top 5 exciting things about marijuana seeds

Despite having a largely uniform appearance, cannabis seeds have the potential for infinite variability within their brown, spotted hulls. Everything begins with a seed, from industrial hemp to finely bred sativas, from the newest auto-flowering varieties to the first cannabis seeds ever discovered!

Below are the top 5 fascinating facts about marijuana seeds provided here for your enjoyment and sharing.

1.   One can directly consume marijuana seeds.

Marijuana seeds are healthy and considered safe to eat. The seeds of Cannabis sativa L. are a fantastic source of protein and have almost the ideal proportion of the essential fatty acids (EFA) Omega 3, 6, and 9. These are essential for maintaining human health; the body cannot make them. Since hemp seeds are far less expensive than cannabis seeds, they are preferable to consume. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as any other psychotropic substances, are not present in cannabis seeds. Only the THC content of the plants they grow differs from the EFA content of the seeds.

2.   Sometimes they accidentally start growing

There is an urban tale of someone, usually a grandma, dumping the bird food dish at the bottom of the garden and then getting caught six months later for the blooming plants they unintentionally grew. Hemp seeds are a prominent element in bird food. Even though this rumor had been going about for years, it truly happened in 2014.

3.   They thrive under cool temperatures.

The ideal storage temperature for cannabis seeds is between 5 and 7 °C (40 and 45 °F), which is conveniently the temperature of a residential refrigerator’s door. It is accurate whether you save hemp or cannabis seeds for nourishment or as a souvenir! Additionally, cannabis seeds must be kept completely dry to prevent mold and early germination.

4.   They are valuable collectibles.

In many nations, possessing cannabis seeds is permitted (often because they don’t contain any THC), but growing them is strictly prohibited. Many individuals feel compelled to purchase their seeds and save them as collectibles, hoping that local regulations may soon alter to allow for more permissive home cannabis growth.

5.   There are myths and folklores about their mystical powers!

Young ladies utilized hemp seeds to summon images of their future spouses. The lady would distribute hempseed on the earth while repeating a poem that starts, “Hempseed I sow, hempseed grow…” nine times before leaving on Midsummer’s Eve (or another significant day, depending on the locale). After doing this, she would turn to her left and, with any luck, see her future husband carrying a scythe (giving scythes still another historical link to hemp – see below!). The 19th century C.E. saw a rise in the use of this approach.

Where to get marijuana seeds?

Around the world, there are online seed banks in nations including Canada, Spain, Holland, and the United Kingdom. These countries have relatively lax legislation, making it relatively simple to purchase cannabis seeds there. However, things become more complex when it comes to the United States.

As of this writing, marijuana is legal for recreational or medical use in 33 American states plus Washington, D.C. But marijuana is still prohibited at the federal level. Federal marijuana laws are not required to be upheld by the states. They cannot stop federal law enforcement from enforcing their regulations, however.

The United States Customs and Border Protection may seize the shipment if a resident of the United States attempts to purchase marijuana seeds online from a foreign nation. However, it is doubtful that you would run into legal issues.

Theoretically, buying cannabis seeds from a business in California may result in legal issues for a Washington person. Transporting cannabis seedlings across state boundaries is likewise prohibited. It is still valid even if you visit states where marijuana is legal. But seed banks are aware of the dangers. They often take safety procedures to guarantee the delivery of your seeds.

Summing It Up

If you can obtain marijuana seeds, the growing process is thrilling. Before growing, you should know the various marijuana seeds. Furthermore, it is essential to understand how to grow and store marijuana seeds.